Friday, May 19, 2006

Jonathan Rogers Wilderking Trilogy~Reviewed

The Wilderking Trilogy
By Jonathan Rogers
Published by Broadman & Holman
The Way of the Wilderking ISBN: 0805431330
The Secret of the Swamp King ISBN: 0805431322
The Bark Of The Bog Owl ISBN: 0805431314

Jonathan Rogers has created a literary world that I don't particularly want to visit - it's pretty much swamp and full of creepy crawlies, snakes and gators.

But I loved reading about his world, and I would kind of like to swing through the trees - Feechie style.

I also had a desire to get my own Feechie. Though I don't know that we'd let it live in the house, it would be great to hang out with.

I recommend this series to adults as well as older children (eightish and up) of both genders. Omniscient point of view makes sure we aren't in the dark regarding any of the characters. This clever tale of war and integrity, and loyalty and brotherhood is inspired by the early life of King David.

Mr. Rogers (the author - not of the neighborhood fame) must believe that children are intelligent and creative and clever because he has written a series peppered with subtle humor that challenges vocabulary and the world's view of how we are supposed to live.

Lovers of Narnia and the Princess Bride should eat this up like rotten lizard eggs.

Reviewed by Kelly Klepfer

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Cheryl Russell said...

This is a great series! It's just a lot of fun to read, IMHO.