Thursday, May 11, 2006

Gary E. Parker's Her Daddy's Eyes~Reviewed

Her Daddy’s Eyes
By Gary E. Parker
Published by Revell
ISBN: 0-8007-3123-9

Just three weeks before she walks down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams. Allie Wilson stumbles across a photo of her long-lost father. In spite of her mother’s warning and her fiance’s growing impatience, Allie can’t shake the strange urgency she feels. She has to find her father…now. Is it a simple case of bridal nerves? Is it her curiosity, her conscience, her father’s wish that spurs her on? Or is it something deeper?

Risking everything, Allie joins forces with a handsome stranger in a cross-country search for the father she never knew. But is she following a call from God or tracking a bitter heartache better left untouched? And what does it all mean for Allie’s impending marriage?

All Allie knows is that she has a lot of questions—and there’s only one man who can give her the answers.

In this touching story, author Gary Parker hits on one of the greatest needs in a woman’s life—to be loved. Allie Wilson needs to know what happened to her father, and she feels she must know before her marriage, set to take place in just a few weeks. Along the way, Allie discovers a few things she never expected, like the need for hope in someone greater than herself—unimaginable to her fiancé—the fact that miracles can happen and the possibility that God cares enough about each person to get involved in their life.

Her Daddy’s Eyes is an easy read. Allie’s urgency to find her father gripped me, and I didn’t want to quit reading until I discovered the answers with her. The characters and plot are not complex but are believable and work together to produce a touching story with a satisfying end.

Reviewed by Terri L. Thompson

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Ane Mulligan said...

Good review, Terri. Thanks for sharing in the work to get the word out about great Christian fiction.