Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shelley Shepard Gray's Missing ~ Reviewed

Missing, Secrets of Crittenden County Series #1

Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 272
Vendor: Avon Inspire
Publication Date: 2012
Dimensions: 7.17 X 4.71 (inches)
ISBN: 0062089706


Perry Borntrager has been Missing for six months when his body is discovered in an abandoned well. The stunned Amish community of Crittendon, Kentucky, struggles to deal with the murder---and an intrusive homicide detective. Perry's former girlfriend, Lydia Plank, and best friend, Englisher Walter Anderson, are prime suspects. But are they really guilty?
The Missing is book one in the Secrets of Crittenden County series.  It revolves around the investigation of Perry Borntrager, an Amish man found dead after being missing for several months.  Two people in question are Perry’s former girlfriend, Lydia Plank Perry’s good friend, Walker Anderson.  Both Walker and Lydia had seen changes in Perry’s behavior and character prior to his death, but did not know what to do about it, so they chose to distance themselves from him.  But they are afraid that they each know too many details, and are afraid to come forward for fear they will be suspected in his murder.  Lydia and Walker begin spending time together and consequently, begin caring for each other as well. 
I’ve found that I’m a fan of Shelley Shepard Gray.  She does a great job of making her stories and characters come alive.  I had a hard time putting this one down, and was disappointed in the ending, only because of my impatience, as it leaves you hanging.  Her other books have a definite ending and could stand on their own without the sequels, but this one leaves you wondering what happens next.  I look forward to reading book two when it comes out!

Reviewed by: Sarah Meyers


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