Friday, May 25, 2012

Laura Story's What if Your Blessings Come Through Raindrops ~ Reviewed

By Laura Story
Published by Worthy Media
239 Pages

Book Blurb: 30 Devotions by Laura Story. Whose Grammy-nominated song “Blessings” has inspired millions. Empowering messages about heartache, healing and grace.


I had the honor of meeting and hearing Laura Story speak at a Women of Faith event last year in Atlanta. She sang the song Blessings that has captivated listeners and stirred hearts all across this country.

I was fascinated at how this young woman shared the events that lead up to her writing this song, she was calm, transparent, and funny. In the intro to her book she says, “When my husband Martin was first diagnosed with a brain tumor, well-meaning strangers asked him if he had any unconfessed sin in his life, for surely God would not curse him for now reason. But the more my husband and I looked to God’s word, the more we came to realize that sometimes God actually blesses his children through the absence of the very things they pray for.

Paul asked God to remove the thorn from his flesh; instead, God chose to teach Paul about a power that is only made perfect in weakness. Job deeply mourned the loss of his possessions and his health, yet he learned to worship God in the midst of his nakedness.”

I loved Laura Story’s transparency, humor and worshipful spirit as she spoke at the conference in Atlanta. I felt the same way after reading this devotional.

Laura starts out each chapter with a scripture, she shares from her heart a page or two, then has four quotes from well known Christian Figures about the topic she is discussing and then five different scriptures with different bible translations typed out for you to read. There’s no need to flip your bible open unless you want to read more.

Then there is a page where she asks the reader a question for example in the first chapter the question is, “How can you be a blessing today?” Then she sums up the chapter in a sentence or two. The last page of the chapter is blank and lined for you to fill in Your Own Thoughts.

Laura starts this devotional with the words to her Grammy-nominated song, Blessings. She ends the devotional with a section called,”Bible Verses to Consider.” Scriptures are arranged to encourage you in different topics. For example there are scriptures to help you with fear, worry, prayer, worship etc.

Everyone has been hit with something in these changing times weather it’s been your health, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc. How you view your circumstances, the attitude in which you face them and who you turn to in the middle of the storm, is crucial to how you come out on the other side. I highly recommend this devotional for anyone. It’s honest, encouraging and simple!

Reviewed by: Nora St.Laurent

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