Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Patty Smith Hall's Hearts in Flight ~ Reviewed

By Patty Smith Hall
Published by Love Inspired
ISBN# 978-0-373-82878-4
278 Pages

Back Cover: Serving her country as one of the Women's Army Special Pilots is Maggie Daniels's dearest wish. But there are obstacles to overcome above and beyond the enemies in the Pacific, including her overprotective family, skeptical fellow pilots—and handsome, distant squadron leader Wesley Hicks. Whatever it takes, Maggie will prove herself to Wesley, until she succeeds in winning his admiration…and love.

Wesley can see that Maggie's a first-class pilot. She's also too fearless by half. The war has cost Wesley so much already. Can he let go of his guilt for a chance at happiness—and can he learn to trust in God…and Maggie…enough to believe in love for a lifetime?


I was thrilled to receive a review copy a story about the brave women in WWII you never hear about. As I listened to this author speak passionately about women’s service to our country during WWII; I couldn’t wait to dig into reading this historical romance story. Patty Smith Hall is proud to be the 9th generation to be born and raised in Ga, her stomping grounds is Marietta. It was fun to hear about this once quaint little town and how it expanded its size practically overnight when the Bell Plant was built there.

It was fun to learn the history of Marietta and feel the sense of community of years past, as I read Patty’s book. I enjoyed Maggie Daniel’s fight to serve her country as one of the Women’s Army Special Pilots. She was driven to succeed and be the best at her craft. There were the natural obstacles to overcome like a woman working in a male dominated field, but Maggie didn’t let that stop her.

She could dish it out as well as take it, Maggie says, “Let’s get this straight. I’m not your honey or baby, and I’m certainly not a doll. And if you’d taken the time to read the up-dated info on the B-29, you would have figured out that the glitches with engine burnout have been resolved, as well as the refueling problem.”

It was easy to be strong when she butted heads with her male counterparts until she gets a letter threatening her life if she didn’t stop flying immediately. She doesn’t believe it until one of her female pilots has an accident. Was that accident meant for her? Her friend Debra says, “I want a family Maggie, Flying is just one part of who I am? What about the other parts of our lives? What happens when we can’t fly planes anymore?”

The inner-struggle - should she sell out her dreams and do what other women did? Stay home, get married and raise a family. This thought hadn’t occurred to her until she meets a handsome; squadron leader Wesley Hicks. She’s out to prove she’s just as good as any man when it came to flying a plane. Wesley finds himself trying to protect her for her own good! Sparks fly in more than one way between Wesley and Maggie! Loved the sparing and their internal struggle to do the right thing! It was interesting to learn about brave women pilots who served our country with their talents and life. This author’s passion for history and Marietta, GA shine throughout the pages of this novel. I can’t wait to read the sequel!

Reviewed by: Nora St.Laurent
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