Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lisa Mangum's The Forgotten Locket ~ Reviewed

The Forgotten Locket
Book 3 in The Hourglass Door series
By Lisa Mangum
Shadow Mountain

Review by Michelle Griep

When Abby stepped through the hourglass door, leaving her beloved Dante blind and bleeding on the other side, it was in full faith that she could find a way to repair the damage to the river of time and restore him—as well as her family. It was a desperate chance that seemed worth taking.

But Zo had other plans.

Now Abby is trapped in a full-fledged battle for her own mind and life and heart. Even worse, Zo’s evil intent reaches beyond simple revenge against her and Dante. The whole world is in danger of collapsing unless Abby can summon her courage and undertake a journey that will led her beyond the origins of the hourglass door.

Oh. My. Goodness. After waiting for an entire year for this final installment to hit the presses, after suffering extreme Dante withdrawal symptoms during that eternity, and after finally clutching this book in my hot little hands, savoring each word like mouthfuls of dark chocolate, I think I can distill my experience into one simple comment…


The Forgotten Locket is that satisfying. I took my time marveling over every nuance, every turn of phrase, feeling saturated, content—and flipping angry. THIS IS THE LAST BOOK! Dang. I miss Abby and Dante already and I just finished the thing late last night.

Now then, on to reviewing instead of ranting.

If you’re looking to reconnect with hero Dante, you have to wait until a good hundred pages into the story. There are pros and cons to that. Zo—the evil villain—is developed more than ever during this time. Orlando is also fleshed out quite nicely. And Valerie is back, weirder than ever.

Heroine Abby is at her best in this story. She develops her ‘gift’ and uses it to save the day several times over. Without any spoilers, even though there are some really dark moments, the ending is not just happy, but will leave you smiling for days on end.

Every chance I get, I spread the word about The Hourglass Door trilogy. It’s a rare handful of books that I rave about so militantly. Two words for you: buy it. You won’t be sorry.

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