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Lindi Peterson's Her Best Catch ~ Reviewed

Her Best Catch
By Lindi Peterson
Published by Bell Bridge Books
ISBN 978-1-61194-015-2


Allison Doll's mother is rebelliously turning fifty, her two best friends had started dating and a gorgeous injured relief pitcher named Ashton Boyd has joined her Sunday school class, rocking her world into confusion, heartache and temptation, places she hasn't visited in a long time, much less all at once.

But with the help of family, old friends she really hasn't lost, a new friend she really can count on, and God, she begins to find out whether she'll always be a girl waiting for life to happen or a woman who's ready to commit to her best catch.


The cover is captivating and reminiscent of Breakfast at Tiffany's (in my opinion). And the story is dynamite! I read it in two sittings, and only put it down the first night because the hubs made me. Allison Doll is fun to be with, and I'm sure I saw a couple of her friends at my church. There is much more to this story than just romance, but with a hot hunky hero and a funny heroine that makes you laugh out loud, you might want to read it more than once. I do. Novel Journey and I give Her Best Catch our highest recommendation. It's a 5-star read.

Reviewed by: Ane Mulligan, editor
Novel Journey

Bonus Review:

I’m excited to learn about new authors and was thrilled to get a copy of Lindi Peterson’s new book that takes place in the Atlanta area. I loved the light hearted fun style this author wrote Her Best Catch; which is about Allison Doll and her thirty something friends.

Lindi grabbed me from the first line, “They say fifty is the new thirty. Which means in a couple of months when my mother turns fifty we’ll be almost the same age…..” I don’t know about you but I’ve got a smile on my face already.

I haven’t read a book that gave a sneak peek into what it’s like to walk in the shoes of a thirty something group of Christian kids. She also gives a peek into what they talk about in Sunday School classes and what they do on mission trips.

Ashton Boyd, a famous pitcher, starts going to Allison’s church and thier singles ministry events. He takes a liking to Allison but she wonders if it’s for the right reasons. This group accepted Ashton with his fun personality and seeking heart at face value and includes him in all they do even with the media on his tale. There are some funny moments because of this and I liked how Lindi handled them. I liked how Lindi talked about healthy boundaries in relationships. Not many books address this.

Lindi Peterson writes a fun slice of life story that deals with relationships on many levels and forms. What happens to relationships within a group that’s been together forever and they start coupling off. What does that look like and how does that change the dynamic of the group. What happens to a girl friends relationship when one of the friends gets into a serious relationship with a male? After the death of a spouse, how does the relationship change between the mother and daughter? I appreciated this author’s honesty and well timed humor when talking about these matters. Finally how does anyone find the “one” person that’s just right for them to marry? It may sounds complicated but this book was up beat and fun!

Want a great summer read that will make you smile, and laugh out-loud? I highly recommend this light-hearted yet insightful book about relationships from a Christian world view. I adored it!

LinkReviewed by: Nora St.Laurent

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