Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Margaret Daley's Heart of a Cowboy ~ Reviewed

By Margaret Daley
Published by Steeple Hill Books
ISBN# 978-0-373-87609-9
218 Pages

Back Cover:

Ten years ago Jordan Masterson left her hometown heartbroken--and pregnant. Now, yearning for connection with her family, the single mother returns to Tallgrass, Oklahoma. But she's shocked to find her son's father--unaware he has a child--a vital part of the community. Zachary Rutgers owns the ranch that the local homeschoolers use for riding and recreation. Which means little Nicholas, Jordan and Zachary will be spending a lot of time together. Jordan must tell Zachary the truth about their son--and ask for answers herself. Hoping the heart of her cowboy will still be hers for the taking.


Jordan Masterson returns to her hometown after being away for ten years. Many things about Tallgrass, Oklahoma have changed, but some things have stayed the same. She has a secret she’s kept for over ten years. Going home, Jordan realizes she can’t keep this secret much longer. She has to face her fears and tell what she’s been hiding.

I enjoyed reading about Jordan Masterson and Zachary Rutgers. They were high school sweethearts torn apart by life’s struggles and different ambitions they had for their lives. Both Jordan and Zachary return to Tallgrass, Oklahoma after being away for years. Each is unaware of the other's return. There were definitely some unresolved issues between them. Could they deal with their issues enough to be friends again? Jordan hoped so...for their son’s sake.

I also liked how the author talked about homeschooling and why someone would consider doing it. Jordan Masterson starts to consider the homeschooling option because of her son Nicholas and how he is not dealing with the public school system so well. I liked how the author had Jordan explore this school option and see if it would be a fit for her son and her life.

This is a sweet romance story filled with heart and soul. I really enjoyed reading about Nicholas, Jordan’s son. He’s such a sweetheart who’s had many challenges to overcome. I’m very thankful for the review copy of this book. This was a fun read I know you’ll enjoy.

Reviewed by: Nora St. Laurent
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