Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aileen Leijten's Hugging Hour! ~ Reviewed

Hugging Hour!
By Aileen Leijten
Penguin Group
ISBN: 978-0-399-24680-7

Book Cover:

To Drool, it feels like her mom and dad have been gone an awfully long time. So long that she can hardly taste the fried ice cream Grandma made for dinner, or enjoy hide-and-seek with Kip, Grandma’s pet chicken. Not even playing dress up, having a whole snuggly hugging hour with Grandma, or getting to put the sprinkles on the triple-decker cupcakes can put a smile on Drool’s face. I’m an orphan,” she tells Kip.

A child’s first sleepover at Grandma’s is given a hilarious and tender treatment in this stunning book by newcomer Aileen Leijten.

Review by Meg, age 9:

Hugging Hour! is a good book. I really like how Drool is going to her grandma’s, and she misses her mom and dad and thinks she’s an orphan. I also like how the grandma makes a lot of crazy desserts. And I think it is funny when Drool asks Kip the chicken questions, and he doesn’t answer. I like this book because it’s really sweet.

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