Saturday, June 27, 2009

Robin Shope's Wildcard ~ Reviewed

By Robin Shope
Published by: The Wild Rose Press
ISBN# 1-60154-487-1
221 Pages

Back Cover:

What would happen if someone secured a microchip that could be manipulated to give his or her candidate the edge to win the next presidential election? Not enough votes for a landslide, but just enough to put their candidate over the top in a decisive win.

During Ivy Dillion’s last week as a Washington Intern, she and Ms. Geneen Waters, the secretary to the President of the United States, overhear a conversation about voting machines and missing software. Months later Ms. Waters body is found floating in the Potomac River.

FBI Special Agent Ian Serby, who swears he will give his life to protect her, takes Ivy into protective custody. Ian is smart, sexy and seems to have a hidden agenda all his own.


“Ivy, never react to any situation emotionally. I survived all these years because I remained in the shadows and kept my emotions in check. It would behoove you to do the same.” This is advice from FBI Special Agent Ian Serby. .

Ivy starts an investigation of her own. Agent Sherby had told her she couldn’t trust anyone but herself - especially after uncovering information about a microchip used to manipulation election figures. Things get complicated and life threatening -the stakes of getting to the bottom of this situation are high. Ivy quickly realizes she has to stop reacting to things emotionally, like Agent Serby said. She has to think clearly and not feel—this can save her life and that of her loved ones.

When Ivy’s friend; Ms. Geneen Waters turns up dead, realization of how dangerous her predicament is comes to light. She knows she could be blamed for Ms. Geneen’s death; but why?

An agent tells Ivy she could be accused of stealing something from Ms. Waters, this is all so crazy! She tells the agent, “Look here, the only thing she had that I wanted was her love and her kindness…The most important things in life can’t be held in your hand, only in your heart.”

If the scenario in this book ever happened in real life it could rock the world. At the end I began to wonder if we’d already experienced affects of the microchip. Robin pens an endearing, action packed; suspenseful story that will keep you turning pages to find out what happens next. In parts it will make you smile as Ivy learns, who to trust and discovers the really important things in life.

Reviewed by: Nora St. Laurent – Book Club Servant Leader

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