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Allison Bottke's You Make Me Feel Like Dancing ~ Reviewed

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
By Allison Bottke
Published By: David C. Cook
ISBN# 978-1-4347-9949-4
440 Pages

Back Cover:

Successful fifty-something, Susan Anderson owns and operates a hip hair salon on the Las Vegas strip, decorated with her collection of disco memorabilia accumulated decades ago when she was one of the beautiful people on New York's disco scene.

Now happily married, Susan is known for her business savvy, her fabulous vintage ensembles, her faith, her big heart - and the impromptu disco dance numbers salon staff and clients join in when the spirit moves. If life is a dance, Susan's mastered all the loves.

But an exciting business opportunity and her husband's impending retirement rock her world, shaking Susan's foundation and revealing regrets and painful memories she thought she'd dealt with. Will Susan be able to face her past, reinvent her marriage, build her dream... and keep on dancing?


Allison does a great job of bringing you into the Disco era and just about everything the seventies had to offer. Her characters are believable and through them, Allison delves into friendships, marriage relationships and what true love is. This book is fun to read, funny and it surprisingly touched my heart deeply.

Someone describes Susan’s salon as this, “Disco Diva isn’t just about hair. It’s a feeling you get while you’re there—a feeling that you matter, that people care, that along with being pampered, you’re loved, truly loved. By you, Susan and by God. It’s an anointed place, your unique little haven off the strip, and that’s because you’re living your purpose and your passion.” I really liked how Allison explores what “living your purpose and passion means.

Susan says to a client, “God has made you for a reason, and He brought you here for a reason—to Las Vegas and to Disco Diva. I believe there are no accidents or coincidences—only what I call “God-cidences.” So whatever happened to your hair under that big ol’ hat is not the end of the world. It just might be the start of something new—something great!”

I just loved what Lily, Susan’s close friend says this about life, “Things are never black and white. Life usually takes place in the gray areas—at least the life worth living. It’s not about being right or wrong, who’s at fault and who isn’t. It’s about compromise and commitment. It’s about fixing the broken things instead of throwing them away.” God is here to heal the broken hearted not throw them away. I’ll Amen that!! These are just some of the jewels you’ll find inside this book.

Allison has a way of taking you into the world she’s created, let you have fun and learn a little something too. It’s a gift. This is the first book in the Boomer Babes series. I can’t wait to read the rest.

Reviewed by: Nora St. Laurent
Book Club Servant Leader

Nora StLaurent -Book Club Servant Leader
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