Sunday, February 22, 2009

Roxanne Henke's On a Someday ~ Reviewed

On a Someday

By Roxanne Henke

Published by Harvest House

ISBN 978-0-7369-1703-2


Claire Weston has spent her adult life bring a wife, mother, and college professor. The last thing she expects as she nears retirement is to have a whole new career open before her. But when it can she possibly turn it down?
Her husband, Jim, has spent his life growing his chain of grocery stores. He has a grand plan to restore an old Dodge Charger...someday when he retires. Someday soon, he hopes.

If his son, Drew, would only agree to take over the family business. Drew, however, has plans of his own. And Claire is busy climbing the ladder of her new career. She can't bear the thought she might have to say no to the exciting new opportunities she's pursuing and simply sit around and watch Jim tinker on an old car.

The decisions Jim, Claire, and Drew must make come far too quickly as an unexpected crisis forces them to choose their


On a Someday is about the dreams we all have and wonder if we'll they'll ever come true. As Claire finds herself facing some very tough decisions, I could relate to her dilemma and wondered about my own path. Told in three points of view, you see a family striving to make their individual dreams come true while contending with the relationships that enrich their lives.

Roxanne Henke is a master at writing stories about deep friendship and family, and each of her books has been filled with memorable characters that live on after you turn the last page.

Reviewed by: Ane Mulligan

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Barbara E Brink said...

I very much enjoyed Roxanne Henke's Brewster series, so I shall have to pick up a copy of her lastest. Thanks for the review.