Friday, February 06, 2009

Angela Hunt's She's in a Better Place ~ Reviewed

She's in a Better Place
By Angela Hunt

Published by Tyndale
ISBN-10: 1-4-4143-1171-0

Back Cover:

Jennifer Graham is struggling to make ends meet while running the Fairlawn Funeral Home, raising two children, and studying for her national board exam. Her work takes on a new dimension when Gerald Huffman her assistant and mentor, reveals that he has a serious illness. When she learns that he and his daughter haven't spoken in years, Jen decides to help them reconcile ... but things don't go exactly as she planned. Jennifer is longing for stability in her life ... but she soon discovers that life isn't stagnant, it's always changing. Once again, the mortuary is a setting for lessons of laughter, love, and life.

Review: Expect the unexpected is Angela Hunt's brand and boy, is it on target. I laughed and cried reading this book. The characters are rich, the story is great, and the setting is unexpected. Some wild things happen in this mortuary, and it made me wish I could have seen Hunt's research and the faces of the people she questioned. Hunt doesn't serve up a single cliché, whether in writing or storyline. I'm not going to tell you anything about the story, other than it's a great book, well worth your time reading. She's in a Better Place would make a fantastic movie and I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by: Ane Mulligan

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