Monday, January 26, 2009

Mel Odom's Blood Lines ~ Reviewed

Blood Lines, NCIS Military Series #3
By: Mel Odom
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 400
Vendor: Tyndale House

Product Description:

When NCIS agent Shel McHenry discovers that his estranged father is missing, he turns to Commander Will Coburn and his Naval Criminal Investigative Science team for helps. Their investigation takes them to Vietnam, where they uncover a 40-year-old drug ring---and a murder! Is Shel's father responsible for the crime?


If Mel Odom isn’t writing the scripts for every NCIS and CSI episode on television, he should be. Blood Lines is the most visceral, over-the-top suspense novel I have read in a long time! Mel Odom can create a scene so real, you can experience his story with every one of your senses. It is truly an unbelievable experience. It goes beyond just being drawn into a story – you LIVE Mel Odom’s stories! By the time you reach the end of Blood Lines your heart and mind will be completely satisfied!

This story blends some pretty amazing and diverse story lines that range from father-son relationships to drug lords shipping heroin into the U.S.

Shel McHenry is the primary focus of the story, but his dad, Tyrel and brother Don also have key roles to play. As an NCIS officer, Shel is helping bring down a really nasty man who tried to kill a marine and his wife during a car-jacking. When things go wrong, an even greater evil is unearthed – Victor Gant. Along with Victor come ties to a past secret that has haunted the McHenry family for four decades.

As the story unfolds, Mel Odom weaves the story lines so seamlessly that it all becomes one haunting tale that moves at a break-neck pace to reach an even more haunting conclusion. And, what I loved most about this? Odom has characters with real faith woven within the story. It is not an in-your-face type of faith, but a realistic life lived before others with a solid faith taking them through the pain and heartache of living in this world. Yes, they reach out to those around them, but ultimately God is the one who comes shining through in all of His glory.

This is everything a Christian suspense/thriller should be. I am just discovering Mel Odom, and you better believe I’ll be looking for more of his books immediately! Mr. Odom is a prolific writer with a huge variety of work to choose from. I’m so very glad to have been introduced to his writing.

Reviewed by: Kim Ford

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