Saturday, October 25, 2008

Andrea Boeshaar's Courting Disaster ~ Reviewed

by Andrea Boeshaar
ISBN # 978-1-60260-032-4
Heartsong Presents, 2008
Genre: contemporary romance

Cadi Trent runs a nonprofit called "Disaster Busters." She and several faithful friends are on call anytime a natural or man-made event puts people in trouble, anywhere in northern Iowa. Fran Parker smells a rat. Are the intentions of these "do-gooders" all they say they? Or do they plan instead to gain the locals' confidence, only to rip them off and add outrage to all the damage nature can do?

Both Cadi and Frank keep busy getting over their own trauma: Cadi, the flood that wiped out her family, and Frank, the storm that took his beloved wife, leaving him with two active youngsters to raise. Can these wounded souls look past the superficial prejudices each has about the other, and let God work something fantastic out of disaster?

Ms. Boeshaar's tender romances are familiar to me, but this one really resonated. I took delight in reading of northern Iowa towns, some of which I know quite well. The dance between Cadi and Frank was neither rushed nor drawn out too long. The secondary characters were nicely sketched in, and didn't take over the love story. The name "Disaster Busters" had me trying to say the name three-times-fast, and I failed. I'd love to read more Iowa-set stories than I've seen so far, because it's such a wonderful place and has its own flavor. Ms. Boeshaar has captured the "certain Iowa stubborn" that Meredith Wilson made so famous. Recommended for anyone older than four and younger than ninety-four. Or thereabouts. I enjoyed the book very much.

Four stars.

Reviewed by:
Deb Kinnard

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lisalickel said...

I agree, Deb. Andrea did a really nice job! Thanks for putting this one out there.

Lisa Lickel