Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pam Davis' Mesi: A Girl 'N Grace in Africa ~ Reviewed

Mesi: A Girl ‘n Grace in Africa
The Girls ‘n Grace Collection

By Pam Davis
Authentic Publishing


Back Cover:

Mesi (pronounced Maycee) is a girl growing up on the continent of Africa. The landscape is as diverse as its people and their beliefs. Living in a village dependent on crops, Mesi’s education and her family’s well-being are in jeopardy when drought occurs. Through hardship, Mesi discovers a God who is near, so near that he cares about what concerns her. And she finds out about his inexhaustible treasure called grace.

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Remember Sydey Clair? Well here’s Mesi. (Pronounced Maycee )

Mesi lives in Africa. Her family is poor. She can’t even go to school! One day her Father goes to look for Gold! A few day’s later there’s this Party and everybody in Africa went there. Something then caught on fire! Kojo and Mesi went to get the Animals to safety. Kojo hurt his leg. Mesi’s dad came back! Mesi was given a job working at a lady’s store. Mesi gets a lot. That’s all I can tell about the story. You read the rest!! I really liked this book and want to read more! Bye for now. Caitie

Reviewed by
Caitie, Kid Reviewer -- Caitie’s Corner.

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