Thursday, July 03, 2008

Mike Hamel's Dragon's lair - Matterhorn the Brave Series ~ Reviewed

Dragon's Lair
Matterhorn the Brave
By Mike Hamel
ISBN-13: 978-0-89957-837-8
ISBN-10: 0-89957-837-3

Book Description:

After rescuing Jewel from a heretic named Etham, the Travelers chase him to China. They wind up in the lair of Yu, the dragon, and are forced into an uneasy partnership with the beast. They will protect Yu during the upcoming dragon hunt in exchange for her help in finding Etham.

Etham's trail leads to the royal court, where the heretics are already weaving their web around the thirteen-year-old boy destined to become emperor of China. Zheng wants the dragon mound for his memorial; the heretics want it for another base from which to carry out their conquest of Earth.

Kyl and Elok arrive to help the Travelers, but one of them soon disappears and the other is killed. The same dire fate threatens Matterhorn and his friends. Only a daring deception and a quirky court jester give them any chance of survival.

Dragon's Lair is book five in the Matterhorn the Brave series.


The Dragon's Lair is a very exciting adventure that combines cultures from all over the world. From time travel, to dragons, to selfish emperors, this book has it all! My favorite parts are the combat scenes; they're masterpieces. I HIGHLY recommend this book, especially if you want something to get lost in.

Review by Reid A. age 12

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