Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pam Davis' Sydney Clair's Season of Change ~ Reviewed

Sydney Clair’s Season of Change
A Friendship Story
Girls ‘n Grace Collection
By Pam Davis
Published by Authentic Publishing
[ISBN-13] 978-1-934068-50-2

Back cover:

Sydney Clair Wilcox is a determined, curious ten-year-old trying to keep up with all the changes around her. The year is 1965 and Penny, her beloved big sister, is moving away to college. In the middle of the civil rights, women’s rights, and environmental movements, Sydney Claire’s world is changing. Discover how her heart is made ready for the next season of her life and how she prepares for a fragrant friendship that blooms.

Hi this is Caitie,
I’m going to tell you about a book called Sydney Clair’s Season of Change. This book was about a girl Sydney Clair. Her sister Penny went off to college and Sydney was going to miss her a lot. Did I mention that it’s in 1965? In 1965 there was the Civil Rights Movement.

Sydney can’t wait for her best friend, Vicky’s, party. She’s been talking about it for months. One day, at the library where her mom works, Sydney meets a girl named Patrice. No one was nice to her because of her skin color. On the first day of school Sydney wants to be friends with Patrice, but it’s hard. Her friend Vicky said if Sydney was friends with Patrice then she couldn’t be friends with Vicky and Anna. [Sydney’s white Friends].

It might have been hard for Sydney but the story was cool. It told us about good changes and bad changes. The good changes were standing up for what is right. The bad changes were the people who weren’t nice to the people who didn’t have white skin.

I LOVED this book. [Mom’s note, the word loved was said more like L-o-o-o-o-o-ved it].

I’m going to read Mesi soon and then I’ll tell you all about it.

Bye for now, Caitie.

Caitlin, the 9 year old daughter of Tiffany Colter, does book reviews on children’s books. You can see other reviews or contact her through Tiffany’s website.

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