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Rebeca Seitz's Sisters Ink ~ Reviewed

Sisters Ink
Rebeca Seitz
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: B&H Books (February 1, 2008)
ISBN 10: 0805446907
ISBN 13: 9780805446906

Back Cover:

The first in a series of novels written by, for, and about scrap bookers!

Join the Sinclair sisters – each separately adopted during early childhood into the same loving home –as they encourage each other through highs and lows that include starting their own scrapbooking studio, rekindling romance, and discovering God’s well in their lives.


The back cover states “The first series written by, for, and about scrapbooks.” I have to be honest I first hesitated to read this book steeped in scrapbook knowledge because I’m not addicted to this hobby. On the other hand I do have family members who are, so I reconsidered. I plunged into this story in hopes of learning more about scrapbooking and the people who do this. I’m happy to report I’m glad I did. A few pages into this story I was delighted to find out this book was about so much more than scrapbooking.

This heartwarming story pleasantly surprised me with its humor that got me to smile real big and even laugh out loud several times. Rebeca captures the essence of what goes on between sisters, their love, fun, joy, heart ache and bond. The sisterhood described in this book made me miss the fun and laughter I have with my own sisters.

Tandy Sebatian is single, self-reliant, unattached, successful attorney in a prestigious law firm in Orlando, Florida who is forced to take a leave of absence from her job. Things have heated up on this one case. She is asked get off this case and stay away until things cool off.

Home!! How long has it been? Too long since she was able to be hugged by her sisters and Dad. Home!! Memories of Laughter, good food and scrapbooking. Home!! That sounded so good to her right now. Tandy headed for Stars Hill – which was her childhood home. She hasn’t been there in 10 years. She re-discovers emotional baggage she had forgotten, memories she cherished, people she loved, the relationships she missed with her sisters, and dad.

Tandy also starts thinking “God was easier in Orlando, she could keep him at arm’s length by standing anonymously among thousands of people in a mega sanctuary..” She was used to keeping everyone in her life at arm’s length. It was simple that way; less painful; and messy. It makes it easier to run away from an uncomfortable situation; no strings attached.

This book is definitely fun and it pulls on your heart strings. There’s a few things to learn too. Grab a copy, get to a comfortable chair and give yourself a real treat.

Nora St.Laurent

Book Club Servant Leader

And a Review by: Sandra Dionne Moore

Sisters Ink is book one of a new series featuring four sisters. Introduced to scrapbooking by their adoptive mother, their love for the hobby cements their special bond. Meg, Kendra, Tandy and Joy are very different individuals with unique personalities and, as I'm sure we'll see in the next few books, their own story to tell.

Book one spotlights Tandy, a successful attorney who lives in Orlando. When Tandy, a workaholic, is given a leave of absence from her job, there is no further excuse to keep her from returning to Stars Hill and painful memories. Tandy, daughter of a drug addict mother before being adopted, understands and fears rejection. This becomes the crux of her dilemma when she is faced with a rekindling of affection for the boyfriend who painfully rejected her many years previous. Throw into the mix Tandy's guilt over a long ago promise to her dying adoptive mother. A promise she is sure she has broken . . .

Rebeca crafts a humorous story with wonderful dialogue that captures the essence of each characters particular voice. The story unfolds in a clear and logical way and is well paced. An excellent read and highly recommended!

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