Friday, February 15, 2008

Debra White Smith's Lorna ~ Reviewed

By: Debra White Smith
Harvest House Publishers
Release date: March 1, 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7369-1930-2

Award-winning author Debra White Smith (more than 1 million books in print) offers Book 2 in The Debutantes Series, a contemporary mystery-romance trilogy featuring three bright amateur sleuths whose faith and skills manage to get them out of trouble.

Attending a welcome-the-new-mayor party, Lorna Leigh counters boredom by escaping to the garden…only to realize she’s not alone. The dashing 30-something mayor is getting fresh air too. Sparks fly when she realizes Michael’s idealistic views match hers and he discovers she’s a tennis fiend.

When a pastor is arrested for pornography, debutantes Lorna, Heather, and Brittan take the case. Convinced the pastor was set up, the gutsy amateur detectives investigate. Lorna’s faith falters as clues are uncovered and Michael becomes a primary suspect. Why would God bring him into her life only to reveal his shady past and questionable future? Torn between budding love and justice, Lorna faces her most difficult decision yet.


Lorna Leigh first introduced in the book, Heather. Few years after tragedy, she is still single. After meeting Houston’s new mayor, Michael, she feels as if she is ready to begin a relationship. Her friends, Heather and Brittan also return. Could Michael really be involved in pornography, or is it friends just worried Lorna will make another mistake. Will their amateur sleuthing ruin lives, or help them?

Admittedly, I did not read Heather. Debra White Smith wrote this book in a way that allowed me to read it without feeling like I was missing anything. I was still able to fully enjoy her great writing style. She brought in this new story revealing just enough about the first book. She hit on points of corruption and evil in church. Showing how “true” Christians react, even when their own successful careers are on the line.

A budding love, a worried roommate, and a pastor’s career being ruined: bringing back The Rose…the three debutantes solve another case. The characters were completely brought to life. Constructed with a great plot and an interesting ending, I thought this was a great book. Nothing seemed to be left undone. If you read Heather, this will be an added adventure worth reading. If you didn’t read it, you’ll still love the book.

If some suspense, mystery and romance is your thing, this book is worth reading.

Reviewed by Diane T. Stokowski

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