Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Stephanie Grace Whitson's Jacob's List ~ Reviewed

Jacob’s List
By Stephanie Grace Whitson
Published by Bethany House
ISBN-10: 0-7642-0326-8


Jacob Nolan is a bright, talented college student with a bold list of things he hopes to accomplish before he “settles down.” Although he is unaware of any family problems, he is possibly the only reason his parents are still together.

And then the Nolans face the most difficult challenge of their lives. They come to the realization that Jacob’s list is about a lot more than youthful adventure. Will their son’s list help them find each their again?


Stephanie Grace Whitson has set a new paradigm for Christian authors with Jacob’s List. I don’t want to give any of this hard-hitting story away, so this review will be short. But Whitson has delivered a portrayal of emotions so realistic in characters so life-like, I experienced them with Pam and Michael.

But what stayed with me the most was the conversion scene. It was one of the most natural conversions I’ve read. No manipulation, no voices in the sky, no renewed instant joy, no dramatic anything. Just an honest choice brought about by the circumstances.

How life-like. How believable. And something a non-Christian could perhaps relate to?
This is one book I will give to a friend who is grieving a lost marriage. It’s a book of hope. And forgiveness. A book this reviewer gives her highest recommendation.

By the way, you’ll love Rambo. Now if I could only get my dog to do the things he does.

Reviewed by Ane Mulligan

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