Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lauraine Snelling's Breaking Free ~ Reviewed

Breaking Free
Lauraine Snelling
Faith Words
ISBN 978-0-446-58208-7
August 21, 2007

In prison for ten years, Maggie Roberts has learned to keep to herself and her emotions under tight control. Up for parole in a few weeks, Maggie is offered the opportunity to work with Thoroughbred race horses in a new prison program. Reluctant at first, her love of horses finally wins out. Working with an abused blood bay gelding, Breaking Free is soon gentled by Maggie's patient touch. But it's not just Breaking Free learning new coping skills. Maggie, too, begins to deal with the guilt of yesterday and embrace the hope for tomorrow. Then Maggie learns a local businessman is set on adopting Breaking Free. Will she have to let go of the one thing keeping her afloat?

Running Free immediately registered with me since my daughter is also involved in a Therapeutic Horseback Riding program. Maggie's awakening is well paced and believable, and though the romance felt rushed, it is apparent that a second chance at love is only icing on the cake of Maggie's post-prison life. As she finds her niche again and begins to sort through her grief and shame, she becomes a woman worthy of the title Heroine. Good, solid writing and a fresh storyling. A must read!

Reviewed by: Sandra Dionne Moore

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