Friday, August 24, 2007

C.L. Kelly's Echo ~ Reviewed

By C.L. Kelly
Published by Zondervan Publishing Co.
ISBN-10: 0310263042

A trip with friends to the Cascade Mountains had been Cassie’s idea. The Ferguson’s had been a couple close to them but had slipped out of their lives when tragic circumstances hit Cassie and Nick’s life. This was Cassie and Nick’s chance to catch up with a couple of old friends and their son, Cody who is deaf. Cassie could see the separate lives the Ferguson family was living. Could this camping trip break the routine of everyday life and bring the Ferguson’s to talk to one another again? Could they stop hurting one another to remember the good times and how much they loved each other? When did life get so serious?

Cody disappears without a trace; Sheila and Andy start to do what they have come to do best: “blame” one another for the situation at hand. Cassie feels bad that she could see the tide was turning for the couple out in God’s country. They just needed a little longer. Now this; a bad storm was moving in and it did not look good. The sheriff came and told them there has been a grizzly bear spotted not to far from where they last saw Cody. Where was God in all of this?

This was the testing of Cassie and Nick’s faith. Did Sheila really believe in God? Could Andy trust God with his son’s life? Would Cody be found alive? How could a deaf boy make it in the wild alone? Could they capture the grizzly bear in time?

This story will grab your heart right from the start, and you won’t want to stop reading. Every parent can sympathize with the Ferguson’s and may relate to how life had gotten so serious for them and learn why it has stopped being fun. Then the suspense takes over and you will not stop reading until you reach the end. I highly recommend this story.

Nora St.Laurent
Life Way Book Club Leader

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