Friday, January 26, 2007

Susan May Warren's Reclaiming Nick ~ Reviewed

Reclaiming Nick
By, Susan May Warren
Published by Tyndale House
ISBN-13: 978-1-4143-1017-6

Nick Noble hadn’t planned on being the prodigal son. But when his father dies and leaves half of Silver Buckle—the Noble family ranch—to Nick’s former best friend, he must return home to face those he left behind. And to make sure that the Silver Buckle stays in the Noble family.

Award-winning journalist Piper Sullivan believes Nick framed her brother for murder, and she’s determined to find justice. But following Nick to the Silver Buckle and posing as a ranch cook proves more challenging than she first anticipated. So does resisting his charming smile.

As Nick seeks to overturn his father’s will—and Piper digs for answers—family secrets surface that send Nick’s life into a tailspin. But there’s someone who wants to see the Silver Buckle leave Noble hands, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen, even if it means taking a life.”

Susan May Warren roped me in with the first chapter of this fun and heart-warming page-turner. She achieved what every author hopes to achieve- made this reader both laugh and cry. And the suspenseful story that kept me guessing made my heart beat harder than the hooves of stampeding cattle.

Reading Reclaiming Nick was like taking a vacation. Ms. Warren’s extensive research on ranch life and all things cowboy resulted in a very authentic read. So much so that I could almost hear the horse’s whinnies and cattle lowing, see the rolling pastures and majestic mountains, and smell the barbeque, sweat, and manure.

The characters were real and deep, so that I felt their hurts and frustrations, sympathized with their hopes and longings, and laughed at their antics. Ms. Warren made me care about them enough to fear for their safety and sincerely hope for a good outcome. My journey through Reclaiming Nick was a wild ride that lead to a satisfying end. I look forward to reading Taming Rafe, the next book in the Noble Legacy series.

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Reviewed by Janet Rubin

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