Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Diann Mills' Lanterns and Lace ~ Reviewed

Lanterns and Lace
By Diann Mills
Published by Barbour books
ISBN 1-59789-356-0

When Jenny Martin steps off the train in Kahlerville, Texas she didn’t realize her entire life would change. Her sister, Jessica, had taken to a lifestyle inappropriate for young blueblood women, resulting in the birth of a baby girl and taking her own life during the process. Jessica leaves the care of her newborn to Dr. Grant Andrews, who accepts the challenge as a gift and adopts the infant child naming her Rebecca.

A stubborn and unhappy Jenny Martin has traveled from Cleveland in search of the toddler in order to return her to her rightful place with Jessica’s family. Feisty and determined to find the child, Jenny hopes her return will win her the long denied approval of her parents.

Dr. Andrews knew the moment he laid eyes on Jenny that he loved her, and it didn’t take long for the two to develop a bittersweet relationship. Grant held the legal adoption papers of Jessica’s child, but his heart held the key to changing a non-believer Jenny into a God fearing woman.

Aubrey Turner, a past beau of Jenny’s sister, follows Jenny to Kahlerville instilling lies throughout the town that he and Jenny were traveling companions. His obsession with her and Rebecca lead to a suspense filled plot that keeps the reader yearning for more.

Though Grant and Jenny butt heads on more than one occasion, Grant decides the best way to get to the bottom of her true intentions is to treat her with kindness. Raised in a home where religion was disallowed, Jenny soon learns the Christian family Grant was raised in offers something she longs for.

Diann Mills weaves a tender romance in this second of a series in the Texas Legacy set. She has once again crafted two well developed protagonists and a host of supporting characters that bring this deadly suspense filled story to a close. She leaves you guessing what turn will come next. In this four star “must-read,” Diann Mills has done it again.

Reviewed by Cindy Sproles

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