Monday, March 06, 2006

Melanie Wells' When the Day of Evil Comes~Reviewed

When the Day of Evil Comes
by Melanie Wells
Publisher: Multnomah
ISBN: 1590524268

Reviewed by Cheryl Russell

Psychologist Dylan Foster is looking forward to the first day of the new school year. On faculty at SMU, she is putting in a required presence at a faculty retreat a few days when she meets the strange man, Peter Terry. Put off by his pasty white appearance and his lack of social skills, she seeks to distance herself from him. But there is much more to Peter than his strange appearance. Dylan has just met the supernatural, and he isn't done with her yet.

Bizarre events begin almost immediately. Everyone attending the retreat receives expensive gifts from an anonymous giver. Dylan's is a funky looking necklace, but it isn't her only gift. When she enters her rattletrap truck, another gift awaits her and this one is much more personal than the necklace. It is her dead mother's engagement ring and the last time Dylan saw it, it was on her mother's finger, right before her casket was closed.
Over the next few days, more bizarre, unexplainable events occur. Then comes the call all clinical psychologists fear. A client has accused her of inappropriate behavior and she's eventually placed on administrative leave.

Now she has time on her hands and decides to find out who or what has brought her life crashing down around her. Her search takes her from Dallas to Chicago and into the web of a powerful and violent man.

Through it all, Peter Terry moves behind the scenes to destroy Dylan and her faith. It's the ancient battle of the supernatural, brought into the life of one woman.

Melanie Wells does a terrific job in this first novel. When The Day of Evil Comes is a book hard to put down once you start reading. This book goes on my keeper shelf.

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Gina Holmes said...

I can't wait to read this one! Thanks for the great review.