Sunday, March 26, 2006

Carrie Turansky's Along Came Love~Reviewed

Along Came Love
By Carrie Turansky
Paperback, 250 pages
Published by SteepleHill

After years of hiding from her past, single mom Lauren Woodman had finally returned to her Vermont hometown with her young son in tow. Reconnecting with her family and friends was Lauren's goal, until a snowstorm brought a mysterious stranger to town—and into her life.

Wes Evans was struggling to find the path to God's love and forgiveness, after his work as a missionary in the Middle East made him question his calling. But his search for redemption threatened to hurt the one person who could heal his heart and soul.

Along Came Love is a tender romance, and I was curled up with a mug of chocolate velvet coffee, enjoying an afternoon of reading. I loved Wes Evans, the former missionary, and understood his heartbreak. While I've never been a single mom, I appreciated the way Lauren put her son first. The adorable six-year-old Toby stole my hear, and I could relate to wise Aunt Tilly. I was having a lovely afternoon.

Then Ryan came on the scene, and I got mad. Sick and tired of his strong-arm approach, I nearly tossed the book aside. I dislike people like him. Then I realized Turansky had done exactly what she set out to. She engaged my emotions so strongly in the lives of her characters that I reacted to the situation instead of merely reading about it.

With a well written plot, a story that engages your heart, and true-to-life characters, Along Came Love is a satisfying read.

Reviewed by Ane Mulligan

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Carrie said...

Hi Ane,

Thanks for reading and reviewing Along Came Love. Glad you enjoyed the characters and got wrapped up in the story. Several readers have commented on how much they enjoyed Toby. He is a composit character I created wiht my two boys in mind. We even had a border collie named Bryn. My kids got a kick out of the fact I included our dog in the story.