Friday, January 27, 2006

Made of Honor by Marilynn Griffith~reviewed

Made of Honor
By Marilynn Griffith
Published by Steeple Hill
ISBN: 0-373-78554-2

Made of Honor starts out exactly where it probably should – at a wedding reception. Dana has once again found herself participating in someone else’s celebration, and she has the dyed shoes to prove it. Not so crazy about her close friend Tracy’s choice of grooms, Dana tries to push aside doubts about the new marriage while hoping to avoid catching the bouquet that is surely to be fired her way. Her dress is too tight and an ex-love shows up at the reception looking fabulous. Not a great day for Dana Rose.

This is just the beginning of life spinning out of control for Dana. One problem after another arises as she tries to trust God and press forward. Girlfriends are there to encourage and speak truth to her. Well, at least until her relationship with one of the friends becomes strained as resentments fester and judgments are cast.

To top that off, Dana Rose is also juggling a new business, old boyfriend problems, a deceitful sister, a gambling dad and more. She learns, not so easily, that God is faithful even when people are not, and that forgiveness is required for obedience, no matter how hurtful the offense.

I had a blast walking with Dana. She’s a riot. I laughed and cried and hated to see the last page

Reviewed by Dawn Burns

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