Friday, December 30, 2005

Sooner or Later Reviewed

Sooner or Later, by Vickie McDonough
Heartsong Presents
ISBN 1-59310-850-8
170 pages

Book Description:
"Rebekah's dreams have become a nightmare.
For years, her mother told her, "Sooner or later, some handsome man is going to sweep you off your feet and make you his wife." But that was before her mother and brother died, and before her stepfather agreed to marry her to a repulsive neighbor in exchange for liquor and a side of beef.
Mason Danfield has no interest in a wife. He's focused on his motherless niece and nephew. But when Rebekah flees her home in the middle of the night, Mason must intervene or see her suffer, maybe even die, on the prairie.
Will God lead Rebekah to the love she yearns for sooner, rather than later? Will Rebekah and Mason allow God's direction to fulfill their dreams?"

Reviewed by Ane Mulligan

When Rebekah Bailey discovers her stepfather has traded her to a man more than twice her age for a side of beef and jug of moonshine, she escapes during the night. Out of water and exhausted, she's found unconscious on the plains by Mason Danfield, a widower taking his motherless niece and nephew to find their father.

Set in the time period of the great land races, a delicious romance blossoms on the prairie. While the plot is predictable, it isn't boring at all; McDonough's characters are delightful and carry the story. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and look forward to more from this author.

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