Friday, July 15, 2016

Dennis Hensley and Diana Savages' Pseudonym ~ Reviewed

by Diana Savage  Dennis E Hensley
Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Whitaker House (January 12, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1629116149


Sheila Davis once said, "I'd give my life to become a best–selling author"—and that's exactly what it cost her. Growing up on an Indiana farm, Sheila Davis has one dream—to become a professional writer. But her farmer father sees no reason for his daughter's fanciful thoughts to pull her away from her duties at home. After winning a scholarship, Sheila convinces her dad to let her attend a summer writing course at a nearby school, where she flourishes, thanks in large part to the encouragement of her high school English teacher. It seems as though fate has smiled on her when a whirlwind romance with upperclassman Dan Gray turns into a proposal of marriage, with a promise to support her educational and professional dreams if she'll delay them and hold a job long enough for him to complete his degree. But Dan's personal agenda sentences Sheila to years of menial work as he climbs the ladder of academia, meanwhile secretly sabotaging her every attempt to become a published author. The longing never dies, however; and when Sheila gets a once–in–a–lifetime opportunity to take a shot at getting published, she risks everything and dives in—only to encounter some stunning twists and turns she never anticipated, never prepared for, and never even imagined she'd have to confront.


Sheila Gray has always wanted to write. She was groomed to write by the only person who believed in her. But the spare life of being the only female in a hardworking family left her chained to her home. Until her teacher found a way to get her out from underneath her needy and broken father.

But just as Sheila’s future looks promising her path twists to a similar road, one that holds empty promises and even more soul crushing dream breakers.

Sheila’s teacher finds her again, and convinces Sheila to finally take a chance, a huge one. Sheila’s prison doors temporarily open when she finds her voice. A freak twist of fate breaks the chains completely, letting her try out all she had ever dreamed she could be.   
This is a lovely what-if almost suspenseful read. I loved the unique storyline. A simple act of changing flights to help someone out reframes Sheila’s world and belief system. The thought of the twist of fate and the outcome is indeed the stuff of novels.
Reviewed by: Kelly Klepfer

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