Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Travis Thrasher's Wonder ~ Reviewed

By Travis Thrasher
Dec. 2014


As the town of Appleton is rocked by the death of a teenager, the high school year begins under a dark shadow. Brandon continues to pursue Marvel while trying to discover what she believes will happen to her. It’s easy to fall more in love with her. It’s easy to forget she thinks God told her she will have to sacrifice herself to save others. But Brandon can’t forget about the shapeless evil that seems to watch him around corners and seep through the streets of his town. Strange things start to occur to Brandon. He starts looking for clues about the dead student, thinking this might be related to whatever evil Marvel is talking about. He also continues to battle against the guys picking on a nerdy senior named Seth Belcher. Marvel falls in love with Brandon, and he truly accepts her faith even though he doesn’t understand what to make of it. Something is growing in the darkness. Something is coming. Will Brandon be able to stand up against the malice that draws ever closer? Will he be able to save Marvel from the horrors to come?


Do you love cliffhangers? Like dangling off a five mile sheer rock edge by your fingernails? Oh yeah, and there's a gorilla jumping down on your fingertips, just trying to get you to plummet to your death? Yeah. Well, if that gets your heart racing in anticipation, then this is the book for you. Sheesh. I CANNOT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON THE NEXT BOOK IN THIS SERIES! YES, I AM SHOUTING.

Okay, now that my adrenaline rush has leaked out all over you, let's talk Wonder. This is the second book in the Marvella series by author Travis Thrasher and whoa, baby. The building action. The tension. The sweet relationship developments. It's got it all and it's even better than the first book, Marvelous.

The story revolves around the hero, Brandon. He’s a senior in high school who’s dealing with a drunk father who beats him. As if that weren’t enough, there are a few unsolved murders in the area, and his best friend ends up missing. See what I mean about conflict and tension?

As always, Thrasher turns some sweet phrases and makes the reader see the mundane in new and fresh ways. Yes, it's creepy in parts and you won't want to read it in the dark on Halloween, but that's the allure of Wonder. Do it. Buy it. Read it. You know you want to.

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