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Sydney Tooman Betts's A River Too Deep ~ Reviewed

By Sydney Tooman Betts
October 2013
Stonebridge Publications


In the spring of 1817, Alcy Callen and her father visit a step-uncle they have long presumed dead; but instead of enjoying a loving reunion, they are plunged into treachery and deceit. Nothing is as they expected and little is what it seems. Even the man who helps her escape is not the reliable suitor he appears. Alcy is caught between gratitude and fear, unable to avoid her rescuer's attentions or understand the responses they stir. Neither can she tell what sort of man he is or what he intends to do with her in the strange place they are going. Will he keep her for himself or will he sell her to the highest bidder? Of one person only is she certain, but will he come for her before it is too late?


This is one sweet read, good enough to keep on my shelf and actually re-read again in a few years, plus I'll look for more from this author. What made it so great?

The relationship between the hero and the heroine. 
Preying Eagle is seriously da man. This is one hero who will set your heart aflutter and not just because of six-pack abs. He's noble, a trait that's not usually seen in today's men.

The story doesn't shy away from tough topics or real issues. 
Murder. Violence. Abuse. These things happen in real life and they happen in the story, but they're all dealt with tastefully if not gut-wrenchingly by the author.

Lots of action.
From an abduction to poisoning, this story really keeps the reader guessing. No cookie cutter romance or adventure here, which makes this a fantastic page turner.

Now then, I should mention, that there were several errors throughout, not enough to bother most people I assume, but enough for me to notice. There were also a few situations that were hard to believe. Don't worry, I won't give any spoilers, but let's just say the heroine's grief disappeared in record time for someone she loved deeply.

But even with those bugaboos, this really is a great read and I give it a thumbs up. So far, it's on my top 5 list for the year.

Reviewed by: Michelle Griep

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