Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Mirate Ferrell's Wishing on Buttercups ~ Reviewed

Wishing on Buttercups, Blossoms in Oregon Series #2
By: Miralee Ferrell
More in Love Blossoms in Oregon Series
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 416
Vendor: David C. Cook
Publication Date: 2014
ISBN: 0781408091


In 1880's Oregon, a boardinghouse teems with the secrets of the women who take refuge there. Beth Roberts believes there are some things a lady never shares. But her fellow townspeople are curious - especially one man with a few mysteries of his own. Can she hide her past to protect her future?

Wishing on Buttercups is book two in the “Love Blossoms in Oregon” series. In this book, we follow Beth Roberts. Her and her Aunt Wilma have been living in a boardinghouse in Baker City, Oregon. Beth is currently an artist under a pen name, and is beginning to make a name for herself as well as a small income. However, she is afraid to share this information with anyone, afraid of what they might think of her. There are also scars from her past which she is afraid to reveal to others, so she tends to keep people at arms length. Jeffery Tucker is also staying at the boardinghouse. He comes from an affluent family, but wants to make a life for himself on his own without relying on the family fortune, so he ventures west in pursuit of topics for writing a novel. Jeffery and Beth develop an attraction for each other, however, Beth is afraid to let him too close for fear that he will discover secrets of her past that she has kept hidden.
I had read book one in this series, but it had been a while, so it took a bit for the characters to come back to me, but I found my memory picked up where the last story let off. I really felt for Beth's character. Due to some tragic circumstances which she couldn't remember, she was very self conscious of herself and afraid to let people get close to her, for fear they would judge her outward appearance. This, in turn, caused her to keep the Lord at arms length as well. But Jefferey's character was so patient and kind to her, it helped break down the walls, as well as her growing faith in the Lord.

Reviewed by: Sarah Meyers

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