Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Eva Gibson's A Stitch and A Prayer ~ Reviewed

Stitch And A Prayer (Quilts Of Love)
By Eva J. Gibson
Binding Softcover
Release Date Feb 1, 2014
Publisher Abingdon Press
Age 1-17
Series Quilts Of Love
ISBN 1426772521


After her fiance returns from the Klondike gold rush in 1897, Florence Harms sets about building a new life in her new marriage even though the lingering effects of illness have left her weak and vulnerable. She and her young husband, Will, work tirelessly to clear the land around their Northwest cabin, content with their modest life.

But then a stranger comes knocking and Florence suddenly senses a restlessness in Will s spirit that she had never seen before. When he leaves her with only a note that tells her he will return before their baby s birth, she is devastated, and the illness that stiffened her joints returns. Counting the days until Will walks back through her door, Florence busies herself with a Tree of Life quilt displaying a map of the farm they call home. Doubts claw at her heart as Florence struggles to believe Will s promise to return to her. Will her labor of love and faith in God sustain her as she waits to see her beloved once again?"


A stitch and a Prayer is about a newly married woman named Florence Harms, and takes place shortly after the Klondike gold rush in 1897. Her and her husband, Will, are trying to set up a new life for themselves. Florence has been battling terrible bouts of arthritis for some time, which makes it hard for her to be the wife she wants to be for Will. When she finds out she is pregnant, despite her joy, there is some nervousness, and too, wondering how she will cope with the other illness she is dealing with. In the meantime, a strange visitor shows up at their door, and shortly after, Will leaves without an explanation, promising to return in time for the birth of the baby.

This book ok, but it took a while to get in to. I couldn’t tell if it was a sequel to another story or not. It seemed to talk about things like I should have already known about them, which was very confusing to me. I did enjoy how the story unfolded, though, and the other supporting characters in the story made it fun as well.

Reviewed by: Sarah Meyers

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