Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tara Randel's Rival Hearts ~ Reviewed

Rival Hearts (Quilts Of Love) [Paperback]
By Tara Randel (Author)
Release Date Apr 1, 2014
Publisher Abingdon Press
Series Quilts Of Love
ISBN 1426773463

Molly Henderson and Ben Weaver have been rival magazine writers for the same publishing group for years. When both come up for the same promotion, they find themselves in an unexpected competition to win the spot. Molly, editor of "Quilter s Heart," and Ben, editor of "Outdoor Adventures," must switch roles, each working for the other for one month, then submit an article at the end of their quests.

Can girly-girl Molly survive the outdoor adventures that Ben has planned? Can Ben navigate the perils of the social dynamics of quilting events without destroying a valuable quilt in one short month? More importantly, in this he-said, she-said situation, will Molly and Ben give in to their attraction and fall in love, no matter who wins?"


Rival Hearts is about Molly Henderson and Ben Weaver.  They both work as magazine editors for the same publishing group, Molly being editor for a magazine called Quilter’s Heart and Ben, editor of Outdoor Adventures. When they both come of up for the same promotion, they are surprised at the proposition their boss comes up with for choosing the “winner:” they are to switch roles for one month and submit an article when they are finished.  Ben must take up quilting, and Molly has to take up kayaking.  While they are both annoyed with each other at first, not surprisingly, they begin to feel an attraction for each other, and even begin to help each other out.  
This was a fun book.  I liked the idea the boss had of having them switch roles and taking them out of their comfort zone, though I would hate being in either of their shoes.  But it’s fun to see other characters go through it! Molly’s character development was a lot of fun to watch.  She reminds me a lot of me.  Once you get in your comfort zone, it’s nice to just stay there.  And being forced out of it is VERY uncomfortable.  But she was an encouragement to me.  This was a fun book!

Reviewed by: Sarah Meyers

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