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Christine Lindsay's Londonderry Dreaming ~ Reviewed

By Christine Lindsay
Published by White Rose Publishing/Pelican Book Group

ABOUT BOOK: Acclaimed New York artist, Naomi Boyd, and music therapist, Keith Wilson, loved one another five years ago, until her grandfather with his influence over Naomi separated them.
That root of bitterness keeps them apart until a letter from Keith’s grandmother, Ruth, draws Naomi to Londonderry to find she’s too late. Ruth has passed on. After the death of his beloved grandmother, Keith has also come to Londonderry only to open the door to his past…Naomi...beautiful as ever, the girl who broke his heart.

A mysterious painting in Ruth’s attic brings up questions about their grandparents’ entwined past and their own broken romance. But more comfortable with the unspoken languages of art and music, Naomi and Keith find it difficult to share their old hurts and true feelings.

Will the majestic coastline of Northern Ireland inspire them to speak the words to bring peace to their grandparents’ memory and to rekindle love?

REVIEW: I enjoyed Christine Lindsay’s debut novel so much I was elated to receive a review copy of her latest novella sized book titled Londonderry Dreaming.

I instantly connected with Keith who flew to from American to attend his grandmother’s funeral and clean things up around her house with his siblings.  Ruth Williams (his grandmother) left him specific instructions as to who was to get what after she passed. He wasn’t there very long when there’s a knock at the door. To his surprise it’s Naomi, an old girlfriend of his. It’s been years since they’ve spoken. Naomi said she got a letter from Ruth asking her to visit. She had no idea she had passed and felt awkward being there, “I hate to intrude as such a time.”

“Don’t think of that….It’s good to see you…and know that you’ve done well. I frequently see your name mentioned in prestigious magazines.” A smile came though Keith’s voice, “Even saw you interviewed on T.V. once. I’m glad for you. You made the right decision to not marry me.”

“Naomi remembered how she broke his heart and how she lost at love. Why had Ruth Wilson brought her here now?” Keith handed Naomi the note that Ruth wrote for Naomi. It told of a painting she wanted her to have that was stored in the attic.

Keith and Naomi aren’t prepared to see who was in this painting. It was Ruth, Keith’s grandmother. Boy was she a beauty. He’d never seen this picture before. Why was it hiding in the attic? Next to the painting was a box of letters. Keith started to read them and told Naomi the content. She was half listening because she knew what her Grandfather’s art work looked like. After her inspection she determined that he painted the picture. How did that happen? He hated Ruth and the whole Wilson clan. Keith and Naomi learned though the letters that Ruth drove an ambulance during the war and Keith’s Granda served with General Montgomery in Europe. “Your grandfather served in the war too, didn’t he Naomi? So how did they all know each other? And why hide this painting all these years?” They both wanted answers.

Sandra, Keith’s sister says, “Ruth wasn’t always our grandmother. She as a woman, for goodness sake. Did ye thank you were hatched?”

Keith replies, “It just makes me wonder what else I don’t’ know about Gran or Granda, for that matter.”

“ and I wonder, “Noami said, “why my grandfather had such a long-standing dislike of the entire Wilson family.. She thinks to herself, “Was I a fool to let Keith Go? Maybe this was an opportunity for the two of them to put things right for the sake of their grandparents, whatever the offense had been…”I’m sure we’ll find the answers soon and bring peace to the situation.”

Keith couldn’t help but think there might be more too and felt comfortable encouraging her, “Art is a calling, as well as a business. It wasn’t your grandfather who gave you that calling.”

Naomi replied, “God’s proven what He wants to do though my life…at least as far as my art is concerned.”

Old feelings start to surface. Could they give each other another chance? Maybe solving the mystery in the attic would give both of their families peace and a little more.

I enjoyed Christine’s characters Keith and Naomi and was hooked in by this mystery! Enjoyed reading how they put all the pieces together. I highly recommend this delightful story and this authors other books! You won’t be disappointed.

Reviewed by: Nora St Laurent
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