Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ace Collins's A Date with Death ~ Reviewed

By Ace Collins
Published by Elk Lake Publishing
144 Pages

Back Cover: Helen Meeker is back and has less than thirty days to stop the execution of an innocent pastor who has unbelievably confessed to being a Nazi spy. While on a case that has dynamic implications to uncovering an espionage ring operating on American and British soil, Helen defuses a hostage crisis in a bank robbery gone wrong, unearths an explosive coffin, and is introduced to a dead English hero who seems very much alive. The fate of an innocent girl and the world’s two most dynamic leaders depend upon Helen’s connecting cases before Wilbur Shellmeyer faces a firing squad, and Churchill and Roosevelt meet for a secret conference in upstate New York.

Set against the backdrop of the early days of World War II, A Date with Death combines action, adventure, mystery, and romance in a tale that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until they, like Helen Meeker, answer the question, “Do I save the leader of the free world or an innocent man scheduled to die to protect someone he loves?” Which life is more important?

Though the answer to this question will be revealed at the end of A Date with Death, Helen’s action and adventure will continue at a break-neck pace throughout the “In the President’s Service Series,” as she takes on new challenges and dangers.
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Review: This author drops readers into 1941 reminiscing about times past and how a nation survived the attack on Pearl Harbor intertwined with Helen Meekers’ Mission Impossible. I was first introduced to Helen Meeker in the novel Yellow Packard.  It was a great story that evolved around a car called the Yellow Packard and introduced Agent Helen Meeker FBI Agent. She’s a smart, determined woman that won’t quit until all clues are searched and she gets the person she’s seeking.

I was thrilled to receive a review copy from The Book Club Network of Ace Collins new series In the Presidents Service that continued the adventures of Helen Meeker now special assistant to the President! I like Helen Meeker because she’s a gutsy women working in a man’s field. They didn’t think she could make it. “Women don’t have the stomach for real law-enforcement work. Never have, never will.” Johnson groaned.

Agent Meeker was there to get the job done and prove these guys wrong. She wasn’t afraid to get what she needed and do whatever it took to track down information and save lives. She’d show them she was more than a pretty face. Helen enjoyed her varied assignments the president had for her except one, being an escort to visitors from other countries. The clock was ticking down to the execution of an innocent man, Wilbur Shellmeyer a Lutheran minister confessed, “Why would a man want to die for something he didn’t do?” she’d get to the bottom of this, but she’d need the help of her x-partner Henry Reece. Miss Meeker wasn’t a patient woman. She’d forget protocol and figure out a way to get Henry’s help NOW- she had on time to waste.

Helen liked working directly with FDR and she never got tired of meeting in the oval office. “It was like no other room in the world. It was the heart beat of the nation…. “Normal had stopped with Pearl Harbor. Everyday had different demands and goals; with an ever changing schedule.” That’s what made her job challenging.

Finding Hope book club spoke to Ace Collins on speaker phone at our meeting a few months back. We learned so much from talking to him. It made reading the Yellow Packard a richer reading experience. I recommend this book and the series for your book club

Men and women would enjoy this suspenseful story based in a time period that rocked the world. It includes a splash of romance, sprinkled with a dash of tongue and cheek humor! It’s a winning combination.

. Ace has a perfectly timed ending to this fast paced adventure story. I know the next novel will take me on another page-turning adventure with agent Helen Meeker as she fights for justice. Can’t wait!

Reviewed by: Nora St.Laurent
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