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Suzanne Field's the Painted Table Reviewed with a Chance to Win a Contest

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As always, a copy of this title was provided for review.


I was intrigued by the premise of this novel. The mind, and the way it can spiral out of control or be transformed, fascinates me. 

I struggled through the first half of this book though. I don't care for an omniscient point of view and I tend to be attracted to deeply drawn characters. This novel covers four decades and the lives of several key players. During this vast time span the majority of the prose is narrating snippets of shaping experiences in the characters' lives. I was not able to get to know the characters on that deep level I crave. And because I didn't get to know them, I mostly remained untouched by the struggles and the drama of their lives. 

The second half of the book focused primarily on Saffee, the daughter, and her choosing to overcome the stigma and the generational curse of madness, that hovered over her mother. 

I can't recommend The Painted Table to readers who want the same experience I like in my fiction because if you don't care for omniscient point of view you will likely find yourself frustrated. However, those who are fascinated by the break down of a mind or how the process of thinking can make or break a person might want to give the Painted Table a spot in their to read pile. If you are looking for an inspiring read that paints a picture of how a series of choices and God's love can help break the grip of mental illness or a generational curse then you should be caught up in the story of redemption. 

Reviewed by: Kelly Klepfer

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