Monday, December 30, 2013

Kathleen Bauer's Before the Dawn ~ Reviewed

Kathleen Bauer
Pages 280
Binding Softcover
Release Date Jul 1, 2013
Publisher Ideals Publications
ISBN 0824934245


It's the dawn of a new season in Charlotte Stevenson's life.

Charlotte Stevenson's world is turned upside-down by the death of her daughter, Denise, whose three children are now coming to Nebraska to live on Heather Creek Farm. Sam is fiercely protective of his younger siblings; Emily desperately misses her friends; and young Christopher, a sweet soul, just wants to fit in. While Charlotte helps the grandchildren she barely knows adjust to their new life, she also wrestles with her own grief. What if she makes the same mistakes she made with Denise? Is this her chance to make things right? The miracle of new life, along with God's healing touch, reminds all of them that it's always darkest just before the dawn.

About the Home to Heather Creek series: Before the Dawn is the first book in the Home to Heather Creek series. Charlotte Stevenson is raising her grandchildren on the family farm after a tragic accident changes all of their lives forever. With the help of her husband Bob and a close-knit circle of friends, she will do whatever it takes to keep this fragile family together. See how God, who makes the sun rise and the crops grow, watches over our lives too.


 Before the Dawn is book one in the Home to Heather Creek Series.  In this book, Bob and Charlotte Stevenson’s world is turned upside down.  Their daughter, Denise, had run away several years ago, very rarely keeping contact.  Suddenly, she is killed in a car accident, and Bob and Charlotte must go to California, not only for the funeral, but to get their three grandchildren.  Sam is the oldest, and very protective of his siblings.  Emily is a young teenager that dresses in a manner that seems inappropriate to her grandparents.  Christopher, the youngest, is just a sweet boy that wants everyone to be happy.  Not only do the children have to adjust to their mother being one, but they have to move from their home in California to their Grandparents’ farm in Nebraska.  Meanwhile, Charlotte is trying to adjust to having teenagers in the house again, while worrying about how to parent them properly so as not to push them away.

This was a very good story.  I really enjoyed Charlotte’s character.  She tried so hard to put on a happy face and didn’t want anyone to know that she was suffering over the loss of her daughter.  But by doing this, she didn’t realize she was pushing her grandchildren away.  Her character really developed throughout the course of the story, in a good way.

Reviewed by: Sarah Meyers

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I already love this series. It promises to be filled with awe-inspiring stories of how God works in our lives and will remind us that God cares for each and every part of our lives.