Friday, November 01, 2013

Heather Day Gilbert's God's Daughter ~ Reviewed

Book I Vikings of the New World Saga
by Heather Day Gilbert
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Back Cover:

One Viking woman. One God. One legendary journey to the New World.

In the tenth century, when pagan holy women rule the Viking lands, Gudrid turns her back on her training as a seeress to embrace Christianity. Clinging to her faith, she joins her husband, Finn, on a voyage to North America.

But even as Gudrid faces down murderous crewmen, raging sickness, and hostile natives, she realizes her greatest enemy is herself--and the secrets she hides might just tear her marriage apart.

Almost five centuries before Columbus, Viking women sailed to North America with their husbands. God's Daughter, Book One in the Vikings of the New World Saga, offers an expansive yet intimate look into the world of Gudrid Thorbjarnardottir--daughter-in-law of Eirik the Red, and the first documented European woman to have a child in North America.


A Hearty Viking War Cry For This One!

A lot of people love history, but not many are patient enough to slog through a thousand-year-old Icelandic saga. Guess what…you don’t have to anymore! Author Heather Day Gilbert did the homework for you and wrote a hard-hitting action-packed adventure in her debut novel, GOD’S DAUGHTER.

I admit I am somewhat of a Viking history snob, but this girl did her work. There’s not one horned helmet or sight of a shield on the side of a ship amid high sea. This is the kind of accurate historical read that I can whole-heartedly recommend.

The story centers around the life of a young wife and mother, Gudrid, who’s traveled to the new world with her husband. Life is primitive in this land, and they eventually trek back to Greenland, her previous home where Leif Erickson is master—yes, the Leif-who-discovered-America fella.

Woven into the adventure is a love story that leaves you wondering who will end up with Gudrid’s heart. She struggles with an attraction to several other men besides her husband, but finally realizes she loves her husband more than any other man—quite a refreshing message in this day and age.

While the Viking peoples of the time often mixed their religions, melding old guard gods with Christianity, Gudrid stands firm in her faith. This is handled in a manner that is not overtly preachy, though, and is very well done.

There are only a handful of Viking novels that I recommend. This is one. Buy it. Don’t make me come over there with a battle axe.

Reviewed by: Michelle Griep


Stephanie Landsem said...

Great review! I can't wait to get God's Daughter.

Heather Day Gilbert said...

Aw...thanks, Stephanie! And I can't wait to get The Well! Michelle's review was so thorough--I know she knows her Viking history and I was so pleased she approved of God's Daughter!