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Karen Ehman's Let. It. Go. ~ Reviewed

By Karen Ehman
Release Date Oct 1, 2012
Publisher Zondervan Publishing
ISBN 0310684544


For many women, life can start to look like a chain of one responsibility after another. In Let It Go, popular author and speaker Karen Ehman has created a powerful tool to help them take a breath and avoid becoming 'control freaks.' With a combination of biblical insight, humor, and stories taken from her own experience, Ehman provides a better way---a way to navigate and more fully enjoy the relationships and responsibilities of your life---from total control to implicit trust in God. The accompanying Participant's Guide complements the DVD sessions, focusing on specific issues and situations to help women take away the most important lessons Ehman has to teach. She offers additional support for the journey away from over-control and into a stronger, trusting relationship with God.


Let. It. Go. by Karen Ehman was not exactly a fun read for me. I was convicted by a few (or a lot) of statements. And, I'm not really a control freak, I lean toward laidbackishness. I can easily let things pile, and have a pretty high tolerance for imperfect. At times staggeringly high. Don't believe me, ask my mom. When I was a mom of young kids she'd drop in to visit and would end up sweeping, dusting or washing dishes. Yeah. 

I also have always welcomed my family members attempts to help, because I figure any little bit, imperfect or different from me, is less for me to worry about. 

However, I do have a weird little "quirky" crazy side that comes out around holidays or get togethers at my house that does make my family scatter for dark, and very likely cobwebby corners to hide out in. 

For me to say I was convicted should be a warning for any of you more tightly wound sisters. If you expect hospital corners or quarter bouncing bedmaking in your house, wear steel-toed boots when you read this book. Seriously. Karen Ehman shows that crazy ain't cute, Ladies. No matter how stylin your outfit and shoes are while you are spouting your "get it done" mantra.  

Which makes this an important read for each of us and a great discussion topic. We could all benefit from a friend or two who know our personal spiral into the dark place and can provide a hand to pull us out. There are some terrific resources and suggestions within the book that can help equip us to be just that for each other. I loved that Ehman covered so many areas where the ugly need to control crops up. Marriage, family, friendships all come under the microscope and includes transparent moments from Ehman's life, some Biblical teaching and examples. And some handy questions to rate how, ahem, uptight the reader might be in those areas.  

So, if you are brave enough to face your inner control freak, hyper-critical reflection in the mirror and downright crazy woman self, then get yourself a copy. 

Reviewed by: Kelly Klepfer

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