Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ronie Kendig's Trinity ~ Reviewed

By Ronie Kendig

Published by Barbour


347 Pages

Book Cover:  

A year ago in Afghanistan, Green Beret Heath Daniel’s career was destroyed. Along with his faith. Now he and his military war dog, Trinity, train other dogs and their handlers. Though his passion is to be back in action, the medical discharge has forced Heath—and Trinity—to the sidelines. Military intelligence officer Darci Kintz is captured while secretly tracking the Taliban. Only one dog can handle the extreme conditions to save her. Trinity. Only one man can handle Trinity. Time is running out on the greatest—and most dangerous—mission of their lives.


Christy Award winner Ronie Kendig takes readers into battle through the eyes of Heath and Trinity military war dog.  Both trained at A Breed Apart Organization. Trinity learned to search and rescue people and protect her handler – Heath learned how to work with his new partner.

I’m thankful for the review copy of this book which kicks off a new series showcasing war dogs unique training and the special bond they have with their handlers.

This author has a gift of writing battle scenes and getting to the heart of the matter through the male pov, which is authentic and believable. Her discarded hero series was heart felt and very insightful for those who are not military minded and those who are. Her plots are intricate, with rich characterization all the while taking the reader through tough terrain on the battle field.

This novel has all that with a little twist as it focuses on the military dog and its unique talents. Heath and Trinity set out to go around encouraging troops out in the field about life after battle. Heath had been medically discharged because of a traumatic bran injury. He was trying to put the pieces of his life back together. He didn’t want to go on this mission but encouraging the troops was critical, he knew that first hand.

During his tour Heath is asked to help find a captured military intelligence officer, Darci Kintz. They know Trinity could track her down. That’s what she did best. Ronie takes Heath and Trinity into action redeeming their skills and putting them to the test. These were extreme conditions that could prove to be deadly if a mistake was made. Could Heath find Darci in time?

Darci was determined to stay alive. They wouldn’t break her. She does have time to reflect on her life. What direction did she want to go if she survived? She knew she needed to make things right with her maker now. I like how this author naturally weaves the faith message in the story. Her characters struggle to do the right thing. They are honest,  and not preachy. Love that!

This authors’ world view, and desire to show a side of military life no one normally sees, it’s real, gritty but not gory. I like that. Ronie Kendig spoke to Finding Hope Book club this year. It was a delight to hear first hand about how this story came about and the research she did to write it. I also liked hearing about her military background and her desire to take readers along side these military war dogs. She wanted to give readers an up-close and personal view of what these dogs and their handlers to day in and day out to protect our country. It’s amazing and humbling. She says, “War dogs and specialized search dogs were high-value targets. Terrorists paid big for dead military working dogs!”  It’s a book that makes you think. You’ll be at awe at how these dogs learn, perform the job at hand and protect their handlers. Wow!

Ronie pens another captivating heart-felt read filled with action, drama and surprises. I highly recommend it for a book club pick or just a fun read. There is so much to talk about and learn in this novel, as well as her others her others.

Reviewed by: Nora St.Laurent

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