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Kelly Irvin's Love's Journey Home ~ Reviewed

  Loves Journey Home 
(Bliss Creek Amish V3)
By Irvin Kelly (Author)
Release Date Nov 1, 2012
Publisher Harvest House Publishers
ISBN 0736953183
EAN 9780736953184 


It's been seven years since her husband died, but Helen Crouch is doing just fine. She's selling her jams and canned goods at the bakery and making a tidy living. But her whole world goes topsy-turvy when a new family moves to town. Gabriel Gless has brought his children to Bliss Creek to escape the worldly influences in Indiana. Helen and Gabriel have so much in common--the loss of their beloved spouses, the experience of raising their families alone, their rock-solid faith--so why can't they seem to speak without arguing?
And that's not all that's going on in Bliss Creek this summer. In the middle of a punishing drought, the community is faced with the decision to uproot their families and establish a new settlement. As families struggle to say goodbye, each one must find the faith to follow the Lord's direction.


Love’s Journey Home is the final book in the Bliss Creek Amish series.  This book focuses a lot on Annie.  Annie and David had decided to marry in the previous book, despite David’s cancer.  However, by book three, David had passed and left Annie with a young son.  However a new family moves into town, and Isaac Gless takes a serious interest in Annie.  However, Annie is unsure as to whether she is ready to give her heart to someone again.  In the meantime, Isaac’s father, a widower with several children, is finding himself attracted to Helen, a local widow in Bliss Creek.  They both have a hard time letting go of their spouses who have passed but have a hard time fighting the growing attraction for each other.

I was very excited to get this book to see how the series concluded.  I was very sad to hear of David’s passing.  The last book didn’t clue you in on whether his cancer went into remission or not.  But it didn’t take me long to start rooting for Isaac.  He almost seemed like a more suitable fellow for Annie than David.  And it was so exciting to see Helen find someone to be with as well.  This was a great ending to the series.

Reviewed by: Sarah Meyers

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