Friday, February 17, 2012

Yvonne Anderson's The Story in the Stars ~ Reviewed

Yvonne Anderson
Paperback: 282 pages
Publisher: Risen Books (June 30, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1936835045


The inhabitants of the planet Gannah are known as bloodthirsty savages who once tried to conquer the galaxy. Now a plague has ravaged the planet and only one survivor remains, a young woman named Dassa. Pik, the doctor from the League of Planets assigned to her case, hates everything Gannahan and wishes every last one of its people had died. Bereft of everything she's ever known, Dassa clings to her God and the story he has written in the stars. He has given her an assignment: to return to Gannah and replenish it with a new race of people. But she must first overcome the prejudice of the entire galaxy and recruit her de facto enemy, Pik, to help her.


I'm not a sci-fi fan, but I'm loving The Story in the Stars! The characters are realistic, they're three-dimensional, and relatable. The story is so good, I couldn't put it down. Yvonne Anderson writes with skill and emotion, bringing this new world to life for the reader. And that's amazing for a non-sci-fi aficionado. I highly recommend it! It's a "must read."

Reviewed by: Ane Mulligan

Bonus Review:

Mix together a deadly plague with a snarky hero--one sporting abnormally large ears. Then throw in an independent heroine who's lost everything, and you've got a blue-ribbon recipe for a winning debut novel. The Story in the Stars is sci-fi at it's best with plenty of action, unbelievable landscapes, and a message that is hard hitting. Don't miss Yvonne Anderson's first installment in the Gateway to Gannah series.

Reviewed by: Michelle Griep

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