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Donita K. Paul's Dragons onf the Watch ~ Reviewed

By Donita Paul
Published by: WaterBrook Press (October 4, 2011)
ISBN# 978-1400073412
400 Pages

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Trapped in a forgotten city, bound by secrets, Ellie and Bealomondore must enlist the dragons of the watch to find freedom.

Ellie knows exactly where she is going. She just wants to experience the pomp and circumstance of a royal wedding, then settle into a simple life with a country husband.

With too many choices, Bealomondore’s future is a tangle of possibilities. He is respected, well-known, and admired among the elite of Chiril, but Wulder demands he narrow his focus and follow his Creator, one step at a time.

Both Ellie and Bealomondore’s plans are thwarted when they find themselves lost in an isolated city. As they discern the needs of a group of wild children and a very old man, clues began to surface and a bigger picture is revealed. With the help of the dragons of the watch, can the two tumanhofers find the way out—and perhaps discover their connection to something greater than themselves?


I wasn’t sure what to expect from this Dragon tale, the only other book by Donita that I’d read was an enchanted Christmas story that I adored. I soon was captivated by how Donita painted a magical world her characters played in. I felt a similar way that C.S. Lewis did when he created Narnia for his book series. Both are allegory stories pertaining to God’s preeminence and how He cares for us all. Each story has their unique characters that the reader will adore and a magical land they grow to love. Each of the stories have interesting names. Although I did find Donita’s names a bit more challenging and would never read this story out loud because I’d never be able to pronounce them! Grin!

Ellicinderpart Clarenbessipawl sees the invitations that arrive at the house and knows what it says because her grandfather has taught her to read. It’s an invitation to the royal wedding and coronation of Princess Tipper and Prince Tayrus. She dreams of going to the event but doesn’t see how that will happen until her Aunt Tiffenbeth and Uncle Stemikenjon agree to escort Ellie to the grand event.

I was thrilled for Ellie until her goat Tak shows up and the Aunt and Uncle tell her she had to take it to the neighbors’ house before she can join them. They head off with instructions on several stops they could meet up at. I thought it was sad and strange that they would send a young one off on her own with a goat and make plans to join up with her later. Why didn’t they all go together?

Another thing that struck me was that Ellie followed their directions without one complaint at all. She took it as her lot in life. I get more complaints from my kids by just asking them to take out the garbage. But I guessed she was confident she knew the way and would catch up with her aunt and Uncle in time. I know that I get turned around with road signs and maps. Here Ellie was going there was no such thing. She was in a strange new town and knew her way around it. I have a friend that can do that! Wow!

But as I suspected Ellie might do, she takes a wrong turn and ends up in a land with dragons and large, unruly children that are all six years old. How strange is that? I didn’t see Ellie getting out of this mess in time to join up with her Aunt and Uncle and making the Royal event. I was disappointed for Ellie but was drawn into this strange new world and thrilled she ran into Bealomondore, along with some other colorful characters I adored. I felt compassion for Ellie and rooted for her as she faced so many challenges with such a patient spirit. I admired her.

Wulder is a Yahweh - God character in the story – like Aslan in C.S. Lewis story but different, but just like the Narnia series it brings parts of the bible and attributes of God to life and the reader can experience them in a dramatic arena, that’s entertaining and powerful! I was caught up in the efforts of Ellie and Bealomondore to escape the mysterious city they were trapped in. This author whisked me into her magical world hook line and sinker. It’s full of adventure, action and intrigue. This is one entertaining story with a deeper meaning the whole family will enjoy!

Reviewed by: Nora St.Laurent

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