Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pamela Meyers's Thyme for Love ~ Reviewed

Thyme for Love
By Pamela S. Meyers
Published by Oak Tara
ISBN 978-1-60290-302-9

April Love has always dreamed of being a chef. But she didn't expect a former fiancé or murder to be part of the recipe for her new job.

When April Love signs on to be an in-house chef at an old lakeside mansion in Canoga Lake, Wisconsin, she comes face to face with her long-lost love, the drop-dead gorgeous Marc Throne. It doesn't take long for their old magnetism to recharge, but how can she trust a guy who left her nearly at the altar eight years earlier? Her gut tells her something has happened to Marc in between—something he's reluctant to reveal.

When April's boss is murdered, Marc is accused of the crime. Unless April can find out who really killed Ramon Galvez, her chances for love will end up at the county jail. But someone else is just as determined she not solve the mystery ... and will go to any length to stop her.

Endorsements for Thyme for Love:

"Thyme for Love is a compelling romance with unique characters that will live on in your hearts long after you turn the last page." ~ Ane Mulligan, Sr. Editor, Novel Rocket

"Fresh, clever, witty, real. That rare romance that leaps to 3-D life and keeps you enraptured—and guessing." ~ Tammy Barley, award winning author of The Sierra Chronicles, Exec Ed., WorldTalk Internaitonal Christian books, Destination: Earth magazine.

"Great food and a murder are all the rage today for haute cuisine. I'm looking forward to the adventures!" ~ Bonnie S. Calhoun, Publisher of Christian Fiction Online Magazine, author of Cooking the Books.

"A romantic mystery, full of twists, turn, fancy cooking, a hunky hero, and a heroine who doesn't take no for an answer." ~ Cynthia Hickey, author of the Summer Meadows Mysteries and Unraveling Love.

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Pamela S. Meyers said...

Thanks Kelly and Ane for posting your review of Thyme for Love! I am so blessed on this Thanksgiving Day with this story being published. And I hope all who read it will be blessed in return! It was a fun story to write and I look forward to writing more of April's adventure through life in books two and three!