Friday, October 07, 2011

William Boykin's and Tom Morrisey's Kiloton Threat ~ Reviewed

By William G. Boykin and Tom Morrisey
Published by B and H
ISBN# 978-0-8054-4954-9
262 Pages

Book Description:

Taken from what could be tomorrow's headlines, Kiloton Threat is a novel that explores the frightening potential of nuclear weapons in the Middle East today. Out of the house churches of rural Iran, a Christian masquerading as a Muslim gains the confidence of a high-ranking leader in the Iranian nuclear program and opens his eyes to Christianity. The man’s newfound faith stirs his desire to flee to the West, taking with him intelligence that would allow Coalition forces to neutralize his nation's devastating capabilities. But no one in such a position could ever escape unnoticed.

Enter Blake Kershaw, a highly trained U.S. Special Forces officer who has already made extraordinary sacrifices for his country that include faking death and losing his true identity. His mission to infiltrate Iran and extract the high-value defector strains the relationship with the woman he loves— one of the few people on earth who knows his real story. With even more intensity, it shows the price that must sometimes be paid when political correctness fails and a man has to stand up for what is right.


I’m thankful to have received a review copy of this action-adventure drama story I couldn’t put down. I appreciated the fact that these authors took sometime in explaining what the Twelfth Imam, AKA “Mahdi” is and why I should know about it in the first place. These authors didn't bog the reader down with technological information but used laymen’s terms to get their message across. It was easy to explore along with the characters in the story the possibility of how WWIII could start in the Middle East and get the attention of the whole world.

My favorite character was Blake Kershaw, a highly skilled U.S. Special Forces Officer. His new mission is to infiltrate Iran and extract the high-value defector. This mission puts a huge strain on his relationship with Ali, his fiancé.

Ali, is the one person on earth he can be himself with. He doesn't have to hide anything from. He says this to Ali, “You know I am not going to walk away from this kind of thing. We’re talking the fate of a nation here. Not our nation, but that doesn't matter. We’re going to need more than my help to do this. We’re going to need God’s help. Together we will pull this off.”

Blake knew this much, “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway.” That’s how he did his job.

I envisioned Blake to be several different leading men rolled into one! Blake had the heart of a Godly Warrior, like David in the bible. He had the determination and strength to carry out any mission, no matter the personal risk. In a pinch when Plan “A” wasn’t working out the way everyone thought it would and/or when regular supplies weren’t available for Blake to use (like they were supposed to be-Grin!) – He reminded me of MacGyver– a man who could think on his feet, a man who was resourceful and could use everyday items to get the operation accomplished.

Blake’s first and foremost a soldier. A soldier always followed orders. That’s the man in a nutshell. I highly recommend this fast paced military novel. I enjoyed the rhythm and flow of the action adventure and this story. The information in this book helped clear up a few military things for me and also helped me understand a little more about the Twelfth Imam!!

I was thrilled to read another book by Tom Morrissey and I've enjoyed them all. I look forward to this new writing team and the stories they will write.

Reviewed by: Nora St.Laurent

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