Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Diann Mill's Fire in Ember ~ Reviewed

Fire in Ember
By: DiAnn Mills
Zondervan / 2011 / Paperback
ISBN: 0310293308

When responsible rancher John Timmons rescues "Bert" Farrar from being hanged as a horse thief, he takes the boy home to work off the debt. But what will John do when he finds out that Bert is really a girl? And will Ember Farrar repay his kindness by stealing his cattle---or his heart?


The Fire in Ember involves a young girl named Ember, better known as Bert, who is on the run from her outlaw brothers. She finds the home she always wanted at the Timmons family ranch. The Timmons family takes her in as their own, even though they know little about her. In the meantime, the oldest boy, John Timmons, and Bert begin to develop feelings for each other. Unfortunately, recent cattle rustlings and murders begin to get in the way of their relationship, especially due to the fact that Bert has been so secretive about her life previous to coming to the ranch, which leads to her being a suspect in the rustlings.

I really enjoyed this book. I love books set in the Old West in the 1800’s, and this fit the bill perfectly. It had a great mix of adventure and suspense, as well as a good foundation of salvation in Jesus Christ. I loved watching the transformation in Bert, from not even knowing who God was, to learning about the love God had for her, to accepting Christ as her Savior and trusting Him to take care of her during difficult times. It’s very inspiring, and a wonderful book to read!

Reviewed by: Sarah Porter

Bonus Review:

If you enjoy heart pounding tales of cowboys and cattle thieves like in the old Western movies, then this is the book for you! I really enjoyed the way that DiAnn Mills wove the truths of God's forgiveness, plan, and protection in all circumstances throughout this story. Bert (or as we later find out, Ember) is a spunky 17 year old girl hardened by the secrets in her past. Accused of crimes she claims she didn't commit, will she ever be free of the ghosts and deceptions of her past? Will she ever be able to love...or even trust anyone again? Can this loving family she's staying with really be different from the people in her past? If so why? Find out by reading: 'The Fire in Ember'.

Reviewed by: Rachael Schnitker

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