Thursday, January 27, 2011

DiAnn Mills's Pursuit of Justice ~ Reviewed

Pursuit of Justice (Call of Duty) [Paperback]
DiAnn Mills
Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (September 7, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1414320523


Special Agent Bella Jordan is assigned to investigate a series of murders in West Texas that are linked to the Spider Rock Treasure. Since she spent the first fifteen years of her life in this area, FBI authorities believe she can get the job done. What they don't know is that one of their prime suspects-a man who's been on their wanted list for years-is deeply connected to Bella's past.

The other prime suspect is Carr Sullivan, the man who owns the ranch where the murders occurred. Carr was once one of the wealthiest businessmen in Dallas and has a shady past a mile long. But it appears he's turned his life around. Can Bella trust him, or is he just trying to cover his tracks?


The third installment of DiAnn Mills Call of Duty series, Pursuit of Justice, combines romance, suspense and lost treasure on a West Texas ranch that is a haven to its former playboy owner, Carr Sullivan. Special Agent Bella Jordan has her sights set on capturing the man who has taken the lives of treasure hunters and Carr Sullivan fits the bill. DiAnn’s romantic suspense novels are always enjoyable with a solid combination of adventure and attraction between her well drawn characters. Bella and Carr have fascinating back stories which DiAnn utilizes well as they battle mutual suspicion and fascination. Much of the action takes place behind the scenes or without great detail which will appeal to the more sensitive suspense reader but I miss being more a part of the action. That being said, DiAnn is a skilful writer of appealing characters and her books are always on my wishlist so I’ll be looking out for her next suspense release, for sure!

Reviewed by: Rel Mollet

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