Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kaye Dacus's Ransome's Crossing ~ Reviewed

Ransome's Crossing (Ransome Trilogy Series #2)
by Kaye Dacus
Pub. Date: July 2010
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Format: Paperback, 336pp
ISBN-13: 9780736927543


Maybe it is because Charlotte is my daughter's name. Maybe it's because Charlotte Doyle is the first character is a book that made me love reading and become a book-a-holic from age twelve. Maybe it is because Charlotte Ransome also known as Charles Lott is just an incredible character. Whatever the reason, I thoroughly enjoyed my adventure through this second journey in the life of the Ransome family and cannot wait for the third book in the series, Ransome's Quest coming July 2011.

I was about twelve years old when I discovered The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by Avi. I was swept away on an adventure in the life of a teenage Charlotte to be working as a boy on a ship across the ocean. Now true that was not exactly the plot, but that is what I remember. Yet in this story, we truly get a Charlotte who purposefully pretended to be a male Charles Lott to get herself across the ocean to Jamaica. Different destination, but oh such a delightful story. (So much better than my childhood favorite).

Through out the entire tale, I could not turn the pages fast enough. I struggled with what I would do in the situations that were faced by both Charlotte and Julia. I became nervous during the storms at sea and held out hope for romance. Each chapter was a delight and entertaining. What an adventure and beauty on the page. I love just about everything I have read from Kaye Dacus and I'm always eager for more!!

Reviewed by: Margaret Chind

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